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Insider's Limon began life as a series of conversations in mid 2004, between Geoff Lucas and Edgar Brenes, during frequent long drives to and from the Caribe Sur and the capital San Jose.

Edgar had been coming to the Caribbean coast for nearly 40 years, and coupled with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the country as a whole, and a long and illustrious family history in Central America, he was always full of stories and background information, that Lucas, being an inquisitve newcomer was equally always keen to hear.

From the pre-history of the indigenous tribes, to the landing in the Americas by Columbus at Limon in 1503, to the catastrophe of the Conquistadores, the story of Limon is little known but of epic proportions. The legacy of the struggle between pirates and colonial powers to control the Caribbean, the far-reaching consequences of the late 19th century banana business that still thrives today, to the last Costa Rican revolution of 1948 which struck first in Limon, the coast has seen it's share of action. But it wasn't until the arrival of the first drivable roads from the capital to the Caribbean which finally allowed people from inside and outside Costa Rica to re-discover the coast in the 1980's that the region has now firmly joined the modern world. With so much history and drama the Caribe Sur presents a fascinating yet largely unknown story that many visitors will find of use and interest in any trip to the area.

Interweaving some of these stories, as told by a cross-section of "Limonense", with a narrated driving tour from the Port of Limon to the end of the coast road at Manzanillo, Insider's Limon introduces the listener to the hearts and minds of some of the colorful cultures that make up this delightful and stubbornly authentic region - and as importantly, it's hoped it will help them find their way around!

Discover the Caribe Sur....Pura Vida!

Proceeds of sales of Insider's Limon
A portion of the net income from sales of the program is being donated to local Caribe Sur charitable and social organizations, nominated by the Guides and Host of the program.

Disclaimer - all opinions and statements expressed in the program are those of the producers and individuals interviewed, and were not guided or prompted for financial or political reasons - all information provided, historical and factual, is also personal opinion, and although considered accurate, has not been edited for completeness.






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