Edsart Besier Punta Uva

Edsart Besier
Punta Uva

Edsart Besier is a Dutchman who found a new home and a new life in the Caribe Sur, in Manzanillo - the last village at the very end of the coast road close to the Panama border - in 1995 while still a very young man, adventuring through Costa Rica in a converted school bus. But his early bohemian dream of lying in a hammock staring at the sea perhaps soon faded with the reality of having to put food on the table and a roof over one's head in a tough and remote environment...and so he soon got to work. But the years and the tears bore fruit and the result of his labors are the dramatic Treehouse Lodge in Punta Uva, and the Iguana Refuge and sanctuary he created on his sprawling property next to the playa. For these and other efforts to the communal development of the area, the Dutch foreigner has earned his Limon Insider status... not bad for a beach bum!

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