Geoff Lucas Punta Uva

Geoff Lucas

Writer/Producer, Program Host
Punta Uva
Like many visitors who make the mistake of not being quite sure if it's a good idea to visit the east coast, Geoff and his wife Karen almost missed the Caribe Sur entirely in 2003, after a lengthy tour of Costa Rica in search of an equatorial perch, that was fast approaching failure. Luckily the Caribbean coast was the last stop, and it proved to be the right one, when they found a small property overlooking the sea that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Fast forward a couple of years and Geoff decided to start work on "Insider's Limon" after becoming repeatedly lost and confused trying to find his way around relying on second-hand guidebooks and his remarkably bad Spanish. By the time he finally figured out that there were a thousand untold stories in the naked jungles of Costa Rica, he had run out of money and had to return to California and get back to work in the television and events business. He now divides his time between his home in

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