George Hansell Richardson Punta Uva

George Hansell Richardson
Punta Uva

George's family arrived from Panama, which was still part of Columbia in 1900. They settled first in Cahuita, which was at the time the main fishing port outside of Limon, then drifted further down the coast to Punta Uva, where they stayed, and where George still likes to live the way of the "first-comers" in the original beachside bungalow neighborhood that can still be found close to the water under the coconut groves. Things have changed a lot in his 60 years in the area, but George's good natured stoicism has kept his sprits up and hope alive that the family roots so long attached to his little slice of paradise, can find a way to co-exist with the accelerating growth and development all around. Pura Vida George!

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