Gloriana Brenes Puerto Viejo

Gloriana Brenes
Puerto Viejo

Gloriana first came to know the Caribe Sur as a little girl obliged to travel up to 14 hours from the capital of San Jose in the Central Valley, on bumpy dirt roads across raging rivers and swampy deltas, with her father Edgar. Evidently the experience didn't entirely rattle her fondness for the area, and she now gives surfing lessons to enthusiasts who come from all over to challenge the renowned Salsa Brava and Beach Break waves in Puerto Viejo. Gloriana is also our Insider expert on the nightlife and beach discos of Puerto Viejo, and although it's a small town and the choices can be counted on the fingers of one hand, knowing which place to go on which night at what time is the kind of insider advice you won't find in the Lonely Planet guide!

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