Jim Vick Playa Chiquita

Jim Vick

Project Musical Director and Composer
Playa Chiquita
Jim and wife Eva came to the area from Seattle in 2005, settling in Playa Chiquita, a few kilometers southeast of Puerto Viejo. Jim, a guitar player with a jazz and R&B background, has had a long career in the Seattle music scene and naturally soon found a place for himself in this musically rich region where traditional calypso has been joined by roots reggae, flavored by Latin influences, and brushed with Argentinian pop, that competes with with the boom of Mexican hip-hop and the lilt of Brazilian guitars on any given night up and down the coast. For Insider's Limon he wrote and recorded all the music, with a little help from his local friends and his remarkably resilient, and humidity resistant, Mac-based recording studio in his front room. The full mixes of all the music written for this program can be purchased separately from his own website www.jimvick.com.

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