Mauricio Salazar Playa Negra

Mauricio Salazar

Playa Negra
Mauricio Salazar comes from the Bri Bri tribe of indigenous Costa Ricans, who were among the first inhabitants of Limon, arriving in the Talamanca mountains centuries ago, long before the invading Spanish decided to add what was to become the Mosquito Coast to it's other conquests throughout the Caribbean and South America. His family lived the traditional village life far up in the remote rainforests behind the ocean, until his grandmother's arranged marriage to a Spaniard, (which is to say any "white man" of Latino heritage) brought the clan down to sea level, where Mauricio grew up in Puerto Viejo, learning English playing with the black children of what was then still a remote fishing village with no roads or electricity. Today he owns and runs a small hotel and farm in Playa Negra, just outside Puerto Viejo, as well as providing a range of tour guide services for visitors.

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