Peter Kring Playa Negra

Peter Kring

Playa Negra
Peter Kring was one of the first intrepid gringos to settle in the area in the mid 1980's - just before electricity arrived in 1987. He and his wife were soon able to buy a dozen acres of an abandoned cacao farm at Playa Negra, and they slowly went about the business of restoring the rainforest environment and later creating botanical gardens and nurseries open to the public. More recently Peter, and also now his son Kiave, have been at the front end of a number of ethno-botanical projects, with groups seeking to find new uses and new medicines from the incredibly rich bio-diversity of the Caribbean slope. But success hasn't gone to his head, and if you're up around sunrise each Saturday you'll still find him at the farmer's market in Puerto Viejo, preparing his displays of the black pepper and other exotic produce coaxed from his little piece of tropical abundance tucked away in the woods just outside of town. Still miss L.A. Peter?
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