Welcome to Insiders Limon - the FREE audio tour of Costa Rica's Caribe Sur!

About The Tour

You choose your mode of transport - listen along the route in the car or bus...or while waiting for a ride in either!

Recorded on-location all around the province of Talamanca in the Caribe Sur, the program features 7 Chapters in a 3 hour guided walking/driving tour, narrated by a variety of area residents in English  - including a custom, locally produced and flavored music track, a keyed route map and "en route" video clips. Tour begins outside the port of Limon and is sequenced to play/pause, stop by stop, down to Manzanillo where the road ends, literally, and Panama begins!

The insiders story of the past and present people, places and culture of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica - the truly remarkable, and virtually undiscovered Caribe Sur. The free zip file (250MB) contains the complete audio program in mp3 format, with an optional extras folder of 6 short, "on-location" video clips in .wmv or .mov format. Just download or copy onto your device and start becoming a Limon insider!

Real stories and insights from authentic travel guides help you get the most out of your trip - great to browse before you go so you can do, explore and appreciate more than just visit this fascinating and unique part of Central America.  With a growing rainbow coalition of settlers from all over the world as well as a still thriving traditional Afro, Latin and Indian-indigenous community,  it's a place that has come a long way since electricity and roads finally reached the area in the late 80's, but it's still got a long way to go - thank heavens!

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The small businesses and residents of the Caribe Sur want to promote responsible, sustainable eco-tourism, and we hope that an understanding of the area, it's rich history and diverse population will help attract the right kind, and number of visitors.  The producers of this program are contributors to and supporters of this goal.  And some of us live there!

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For the full audio tour, please request below and we will send you a link to the zip file. If "extras" folder of video clips desired specify PC (wmv) or Mac (mov).

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