Edgar Brenes - Puerto Viejo

Architect, builder, patrician and all around Costa Rican original, Edgar has been designing and building homes and businesses in the Caribe Sur since the 1960's. You need to know how to get anything done in Costa Rica...find Edgar...but be patient, he's a busy guy and doesn't use email! 

Gary Campbell - Puerto Limon

Like the majority of the Caribe Sur's original "foreign" settlers, Gary's family came from the West Indies in the 19th century, mostly escaping from the British, and later looking for work on the Panama Canal.  The unexpected Afro-Caribbean vibe is the first thing you see and feel when you arrive! 

Silene Braulio - Valle d'Estrella

Silene lives and works as a translator at a national park deep in the rural, agricultural heart of Talamanca...home of some of the largest banana plantations in the world. She's happy that in modern Costa Rica a basic public education saved her family another generation facing life in the fields.

Sharon Jones - Puerto Limon

Sharon works for the Port Authority in Limon, the second largest port in the eastern Caribbean, and the place where Columbus first set foot in the Americas. Be sure to visit in early October for a tropical Carnival that lasts a week!

Maurizio Salazar - Playa Negra

Maurizio is member of the Cabecar, one of the surviving indigenous communities of the Caribe Sur, along with the BriBri. They defended well against the Conquistadores, but accepted the West Indians and still keep a traditional lifestyle tucked up high in the Talamanca mountains behind the coast.

Gloriana Brenes - Manzanillo

Gloriana has been surfing the infamous long wave of Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo since she was old enough, and brave enough, to get on a board. And as a surfer and local she also knows all the hotspots for music and dancing up and down the coast. She'll get you there!

Frank Leon

Frank's father Manuel came from China with a wave of Asian immigrants in the 40's and finally found his way to the remote Caribe Sur. He opened up one of the first shops in Puerto Viejo in the early 60's and the family has grown and prospered like the town ever since. 

George Hansell Richardson - Punta Uva

George has lived for most of his 60 years in the place he grew up, surrounded by family and friends, just behind the beach in one of the most picturesque and peaceful bays in the Caribe Sur. He's seen the waves of visitors and settlers come and go, and knows why - there's magic in the air.

Peter Kring - Puerto Viejo

Peter was one of the early waves of "recent" settlers to the area arriving in the 80's from Los Angeles - when there was no electricity.  He has been a gardener, landscaper, organic farmer and now a cacao producer, helping to bring back the indigenous tradition of chocolate production.

Edsart Besier - Punta Uva

Edsart came in a vegetable oil-powered bus full of fellow Dutchmen in the 90's, and never left! And he hasn't stopped being creative since...the famous Tree House Lodge and Iguana Sanctuary in beautiful Punta Uva are just a couple of the projects he runs to keep busy!